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Sheepskin Car Seat Protectors for Dogs

Sheepskin Car Seat Protectors for Dogs

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We know that dogs can be avid car riders, so we made our seat protectors with both you and your pet in mind. PETinPACK seat covers are soft to the touch, and provide a luxurious, nappable experience for pets and humans alike. The hammock is durable and secure, handling frequent movements and scratches with ease. The faux sheepskin fabric is also 100% machine washable with cold water, and should be air dried for long-term use. For the safety-conscious, Velcro straps open seamlessly to allow access to the belt buckles. Installation is always a breeze: simply insert the anchors between the seat cushions and loop the straps through the headrest. Adjust as needed.
Water-Resistant. Washable. Comfortable.


Okay, but how do I clean it?

For small stains, we recommend vacuuming or spot cleaning with a damp cloth.
For larger messes, please remove seat cover from the vehicle and hang over fence or clothesline, spray with a hose with cold water, and allow to air dry.
If you would like to machine wash instead, please wash the seat covers on a gentle cycle in a front load washing machine. Use Cold water with Mild detergent. Do not bleach. Always air-dry. We recommend machine washing as little as possible to preserve the waterproof coating.

Won't the seat cover slide around while I'm driving?

Our seat covers have 3 layers of security to make sure they won't shift around:
1. Snap buckles around the headrests
2. Seat Anchors between the car seats
3. Anti-slip bottom coating
We guarantee that our seat covers will stay put with your pet as long as they are installed properly!

Isn't a blanket or tarp just as good as a seat cover?

Nope :(
Blankets and tarps will easily shift around and fall off while driving, so they will never fit as snug or comfortably around your car as our seat covers :)

How is it easier to clean than before?

Most car seats are made of dense fabric that make it difficult to remove pet hairs or tough stains.
With our seat covers, 100% of pet hairs and stains can be cleaned with just a damp cloth, so you can remain stress-free while going on trips with your pets :) 

Will this fit my vehicle?

You can check out our size guide here: Size Guide

Can I still use the seat belt buckles?

Our seat covers have Velcro openings to let you use the seat belt buckles.